Boolean Values. Which of the following is one of the layers of the CSS box-model? How do most browsers depict active links by default? Which of the following specifies the style of an HTML document within a style tag? It shows that its contents are used for navigation. autoplay 1. Rather, the browser treats a checkbox as if it is always being used the other way, as a boolean truth value. Which of the following HTML attributes is a boolean attribute that indicates how the script should be executed? The following example shows the element in action. When you use the float property for page layout, you should also set, the width and height of the floated elements, when you set the position property for a block element to absolute, the browser, takes the element out of the flow of elements on the web page. It assumes no previous knowledge but walks the reader through basic HTML, XHTML, HTML5, DHTML, composing good HTML, and much more. Which of the following properties specifies the space before the first line of the text? But in XML, minimized attributes were disallowed, so we wound up with the awkwardness that is selected="selected" when XHTML came into vogue. In CSS, the _______ character identifies a class selector. Which attribute specifies the relationship between an HTML document and the linked file? You can also use a string property, so long as the value of the string can be parsed as a boolean value (true or false). Instead, HTML implements something called short-form evaluation, which means that it is the presence of the boolean attribute in a HTML tag that determines whether it is true or false. Which of the following properties specifies the space between the lines of a text? Which of the following is the correct behavior with respect to the code above? You can evaluate any expression in Python, and get one of two answers, True or False. Afor uppercase letters 1.3… How does a user display the linked document in the full body of the window? In CSS, the "property: value" pair will be separated by ______. I think of HTML as a language based on SGML, with a specific set of elements and attributes. In programming you often need to know if an expression is True or False. This is usually not appreciated on a first glance at Python, and can be safely ignored when dealing with immutable basic types (numbers, strings, tuples). This is known as aliasing in other languages. Even experienced HTML coders will find a lot to learn. The Attributes interface represents a collection of attributes. You can specify attribute names that should not be reported. The element that follows goes to a web page, in a folder that is subordinate to the current page. How does a user link an HTML element with a stylesheet? Which of the following attributes is used while creating a bookmark link in HTML5? which type of selector applies to only one element? Which CSS snippet would set the border shadows for a section element as shown in this screenshot? Whether the property is associated with an attribute, or a custom name for the associated attribute. The following code results in no visible output to the browser, why? reversed 1. ______ is an attribute of the anchor tag that specifies the address of the destination. Boolean. The RGBA and HSLA colors that are available with CSS3 let you specify. Which of the following stylesheets will increase the page loading speed? How does a user specify whether the text should be displayed in the small-caps or normal font? What should be the first statement of an HTML5 document? if you want to apply styles to all of the li elements within a main element, how do you code the selector? You can’t place the form within the table without placing it inside a TH or TD element. Which of the following tags is used for a thematic break? Why should the document type declaration be included in all HTML documents? Our HTML cheat sheet gives you a full list of all the HTML elements, including descriptions, code examples and live previews. Which of the following specifies a special state of an element? All HTML code must be nestled within which of the following tags. The property name passed to the asp-for attribute is used for the values of both the id and name attributes. For example, to start numbering elements from the letter "d" or the Roman numeral "iv," use start="4". This book-length article is the ultimate guide for HTML. From where does the browser restart the content when it encounters a
tag? However, aliasing has a possibly surprising effect on the semantics of Python code involving mutable objects such as lists, dictionaries, and most other types. Which of the following HTML attributes is a boolean attribute that indicates how the script should be executed? Some coding styles require a closing tag on HTML elements even where this is optional. Attribute Name Type Description; access: String: Indicates whether the attribute can be used outside of its own namespace. What is the syntax for linking an external style sheet in an HTML document? Additional information about a function’s definition can be retrieved from its code object; see the description of internal types below. name: String: Required. This can be used to get the value of the cell, as well as set the value. Which of the following is one of the attribute of an HTML script element? (a) $_COOKIE When you comment out HTML code, you put the code within an HTML ____ comment _____ refers to characters like tab characters, line return characters, and spaces that are ignored by the browser. Which of the following pseudo classes selects the HTML elements that do not match the selector division? Note: Sites that automatically play audio (or videos with an audio track) can be an unpleasant experience for users, so should be avoided when possible. → To get the value of a cookie, you can use the autoglobal _____ variable. Which of the following selectors applies to all
elements with "hot" as their class name that are coded within a div element that has "header" as its id? contextmenu: Yes: Specifies a context menu for an element. For example, you can request from the directory the attributes associated with an object. Possible values are public (default), and global, and private. The _____ character is used to create a bookmark in an HTML document. How does one specify the caption of an image in HTML? The ______ element is used for styling specified sections of an element. type 1. To the following elements contains our webpages meta-data. Which of the following elements is used to migrate to different pages of the Web site? The content attribute is the attribute as you set it from the content (the HTML code) and you can set it or get it via element.setAttribute() or element.getAttribute(). How does one load an external style sheet in CSS? One pixel black border or two rows in cells. True False . This means that codes like does not make sense in correct HTML. To represent a false value, the attribute has to be omitted altogether. . Audio and Video HTML. whitespace. Errors I’m getting: One of your checkboxes should have the value attribute of lazy; One of your checkboxes should have the value attribute … This element also accepts the global attributes. When you comment out HTML code, you put the code within an HTML _____. In HTML, you can code a _____ attribute as just the attribute name. Function attributes on built-in functions may be supported in the future. How does one instruct the browser to control the page's scaling and dimensions within a meta tag? However, this can be u… Which of the following HTML tags is a stand-alone tag? Which of the following text-align property values stretches the lines so that each line has an equal width? The rendered HTML will also include two fields for … Sets the numbering type: 1.1. afor lowercase letters 1.2. , The src attribute is missing and must be set equal to the image URL, enclosed in double quotation marks, What html code will most web browsers display as italics, Which of the following is the correct syntax for the paragraph html element. code , Which of the following tags instructs the browser to expect a well formed HTML document, The following code creates a link to another page. Challenge: Give each of the radio and checkbox inputs the value attribute. Which of the following tags would contain the html for a web pages visible content, What is the correct definition of an html element, An html tag and the content that it contains or marks up, Which of the following elements will directly affect the vertical spacing in an html layout, Why does the following code fail to display an image ? Which of the following attributes is used to define the language of the style sheet? Both the classname and paragraph text cannot contain "world" Two different classes "hello" and "world" will be applied to the paragraph; The code is invalid because space is not allowed in class attribute's value; One class "hello world" will be applied to the paragraph Which encoding scheme is designed for backward compatibility with ASCII encoding? Which of the following values of the border-style property specifies a 3D grooved border? This is usually used to the benefit of the program, since alias… data-* Yes: Used to store custom data associated with the element. Which of the following HTML attributes prevents the execution of the dimensions of an image defined in the stylesheet? Codecademy, Add the target attribute with its value said to_blank. To load a web page into a web browser, you can, type the URL of the web page into the browser's address bar. No highlighting, only fix : Missing required attribute: Reports XML/HTML tags with missing mandatory attributes. ), even when the numbering type is letters or Roman numerals. The text-decoration property in a style rule is commonly used, in the box model for an element, the border, to center the element horizontally within the containing block, .5em above, 0 left and right, and .25em below, when you set the border for a block element, you can set. HTML Quiz Previous Next You can test your HTML skills with W3Schools' Quiz. (b) You can use both integer and string indexes with an associative array. Which of the following characters is used to create a closing tag? boolean. Includes a table of contents to go to just what you are looking for. New in 2017.2. The _______ tag adds comments in an HTML document. The ________ attribute of the meta tag is used to refresh the page or to set a cookie. Which of the following tags prints the title at the bottom of the webpage? What is used to specify the font used by a dialog box? Which tag creates new rows in an HTML table, What is an appropriate scenario for using an important element with the type set to radio, When you want to present users with multiple options and have them choose only one, How are radio buttons different from checkboxes, You can select multiple checkboxes but only one radio button, True or false you can assign default text to a text area element by adding text between the opening and closing text area tags, Based on the code provided, why will the info from the first input element not be send to the /processing.html when the form is submitted, The first input element is missing the name attribute which omits the inputs info, How can we render a drop-down list in a form, Add a select element with option elements nested inside, What Is the benefit of implementing client side validation, It saves us time from having to send information to the server and wait for the server to respond, What attribute should you add to a input element if you want to ensure that users to provide a response, Is the benefit of using the label element, Clicking on the label element will focus on the text field of the associated input element, What is rendered on the webpage as a result of the code provided, A form containing a slider that has a maximum value of 100, a minimum of zero, and moves in steps of 10, What is the code provided not create a working data list element, The input above does not have a list attribute to associate itself with the datalist, Audio is not a self closing tag And requires an opening and closing tag, Is the difference between embed and video, Video can only be use for video, while embed can Be used for any type of media, It provides no context as to what the content is inside of the tag, Which code snippet is the correct way to write this in semantic HTML, The use of figure in FIG caption needs to be reversed. All HTML code must be nestled within which of the following tags, Is the purpose of indention and white space, To make code in an HTML file more readable, Which of the following is the current HTML standard, The following HML code should only exist within which of the following tags. Boolean attribute to specify whether the element is editable or not. Attributes in an object that implements the Attributes … Also available is a guide to the codecs supported for video.Other usage notes: 1. It should have an opening and a closing tags, Which element is the parent of the

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, The dig tag because it is inside of the div element. You can put the table inside the form, and then use the table to position the INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, and other form-related elements, as shown in the following example. HTML CHEAT SHEET Berners-Lee invented it back in 1991. Which of the following specifies the relationship between two CSS selectors? Which of the following is used to specify the color of a division element using an element selector? Which of the following units of measurement is equal to the font size for the current font? Which of the following units is a relative unit of measurement? XHTML is a variant on XML, with a specific set of elements and attributes that's a lot like HTML's. How would the output of the code below change if
were changed to
    and , respectively?? Depends on what you define HTML as. Which of the following tags is placed within a tag of an HTML document. Default: true. The hidden attribute can also be used to keep a user from seeing an element until some other condition has been met (like selecting a checkbox, etc.). By default, which type of element is displayed on a new line? If the attribute is present, its value must either be the empty string or a value that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for the attribute's canonical name, with no leading or trailing whitespace. Which of the following CSS properties is used to specify bold characters? HTML uses this for boolean attributes, where the presence or absence of the attribute is what's meaningful, and its value is irrelevant. Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale! You can’t start a form in one TH or TD element and end in another. Browsers don't all support the same audio formats; you can provide multiple sources inside nested elements, and the browser will then use the first one it understands:We offer a substantive and thorough guide to media file types and the audio codecs that can be used within them. In their simplest form, the