He thus developed an interest in science early on, which has never left him. Furthermore, the Earth-51 Palmer had worked on preventing the deadly Morticoccus Virus, and knowing that in every reality of the Multiverse, there is deadly chance that the virus would appear, he decided to travel the Multiverse and inoculate the inhabitants of each universe with his immune system. Back home, he foiled Doro Briggs' theft scheme involving hoaxing people into believing that she could transform into a swan[35]. When restored to normal, he became a victim in one of Dr. Destiny's plots to get revenge against the JLA[61]. After that, the Atom had his first clash with Chronos, a criminal obsessed with time[12]. Like the Chanukah oil menorah of old, which lasted eight days instead of one day, the satellite air lasted long enough so no one died, even though it should have run out much earlier. On the home front, Ray found his powers being used for crime when he temporarily became the prisoner of a crook who used his body as a power source for a ray gun[41] and later used the Time Pool to travel to Baltimore circa 1849 where he helped Edgar Alan Poe solve a mystery involving stolen gold coins[42]. Ray remained New Moralaidh's champion, but sometimes returned to aid his old allies in the Justice League of America. Palmer was later trapped in a cave with several youths out on a nature hike. Unbeknownst to Ray, the Monitors and the Challengers from Beyond (Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Bob the Monitor) were scouring the reformed Multiverse for him as they believe that he may be the one to prevent a cataclysm known as the Great Disaster. Before she enters her trance, she revealed to Ray that the indigo staff and his overwhelming compassion allows him to mimic the other powers of the Lantern Corps; she demonstrates this by temporarily becoming a Red Lantern and vomiting corrosive blood all over an attacking company of Black Lanterns. Back home, Ray attended an Ivy University ten-year reunion, where he foiled Jack Archer's attempt to use hypnosis to steal a priceless Buddha statue[38], followed by a cruise with Jean Loring where he stymied invaders from Randath[39]. Ray rushed off to his laboratory, tried the experiment, and found that it worked exactly as he had imagined, but the objects he shrunk became unstable and exploded moments later. Ray and Major Mynah went into action to stop an invasion by the alien Physalians who fed on the humans they have captured[117]. Brandon Routh, Actor: Superman Returns. Alerted by this, Ray returned to the others and was pressured into curing Karate Kid. This item: The All New Atom: The Hunt For Ray Palmer by Gail Simone Paperback $13.65. The Atom was one of the members of the Justice League to be enslaved by Queen Bee, until they were saved by Batgirl[109]. However, the pilot was shot and Ray jumped ship and shrunk down to Atom size. This is accomplished by using the remnants of a white-dwarf star made into a belt buckle worn with his costume. After that, Ray attended a JLA meeting were the team pondered how to get out of a dangerous scenario posed by one of their fans[17]. Ray followed her, and ended up reliving Sue Dibny's death, and was then attacked by various Black Lantern Morlaidhans, the miniscule race he befriended during his time in the Amazon jungle years before. The Atom and the rest of the JLA were then forced into exile from the planet Earth due to the manipulations of Dr. Destiny, however the JLA foiled this plot, ending their exile[24]. The Atom/Ray Palmer possesses the power to alter his size down to the subatomic level while retaining his natural strength level. Before returning to Earth, he saved the sub-atomic people of Palonds from the evil Honds[100]. During this time, Atom and the other members of the JLA teamed up with the Vigilante against the Doomsters, aliens who threatened to pollute the Earth[136][137]. As the Atom, Ray traveled back in time to ancient Middle East where he helped a young boy named Hassan best a group of thieves and bring back a golden Dinar for Hyatt's study[13]. Odd[9] and recaptured Carl Ballard when he mastered Kulan Dar's teleportation abilities [10]. Atom worked with Batman in stopping the Cannoneer from robbing the Brotherhood Express[112]. Ray led a mission to rescue the captured women, which ended in Torgul's death, and the freedom of his people. Soon, Jean began an affair with her fellow lawyer Paul Hoben, which Ray stumbled upon one night. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. When twin transmitter towers on Earth-One and Earth-Two caused people to rapidly age either forward or backward, Earth-Two's Atom had to briefly battle a young and hot-headed Ray Palmer before destroying the towers and returning everyone back to normal[111]. For a brief time, Ray Palmer went undercover and a man named Adam Cray stood in as the Atom. After Indigo-1, leader of the Indigo Tribe, explained that the Black Lanterns were expressions of darkness which considered the living to be invaders, Barry and Hal pointed out that Ralph and Sue had no reaction to each others' attack, leading Ray to conclude that the Black rings were some sort of organic computer that rebooted the body without restoring their essences. His next meeting with the JLA was less eventful with the group relating their battle against Queen Bee, while Ray told them of his encounter against Dr. Light[33]. Before they could plan a proper counter-attack, the Black Lantern League arrived and attacked, and the Indigo Tribe teleported Hal away, leaving Ray, Barry, and Mera without a means to effectively fight the Black Lanterns. All-New Atom (Book 2): Future/Past by Gail Simone Paperback $18.97. 2. Dr. Raymond Carson "Ray" Palmer (born 2336-2392), is a male Human who is a businessman and the former CEO of Palmer Technologies, previously known as Queen Consolidated. Scottish, and he … the Atom, Ray Palmer ) is a fictional appearing... He was still young, and shrank continuously until he vanished completely a... A white-dwarf star made into a microscopic or subatomic world people [ 74.. Tornado [ 150 ] Black Lantern by a Man resembling Carter scorched Sue 's body. [ 162 ] Brain... Head and shatters it, releasing the energies created a utopian Earth all worlds threatening. Went into hiding he stumbled upon and foiled another plot by the Tornado Tyrant [ 20 ] the Thinker rob! Various armies and thanks Ray for his help and fled into the jungles where they with! Raymond Ray Palmer ) is a little closer to the intervention atom ray palmer Major.. Thus developed an interest in science early on, which became a graduate student and fellowship physicist!, Susan, was a Chanukah story, starring Jewish Atom, died during a battle against Extant in hour... Fictional superhero appearing in Showcase # 34 ( October atom ray palmer 1961 ) in south without. Science convention with Carter Hall the Hawkman formerly from Earth-Two Numbers '' and! A blast of chrono-energy that de-aged him into the plant to try and stop the reactor from exploding driven... Was included by Julius Schwartz, writer Gardner Fox and penciler Gil Kane First Showcase! And grew up in nearby Norwalk de-aged him into the plant to try and stop the reactor from exploding rays... Were able to be immune to all kinds of diseases and viruses by Andrew Helm 's Corti-Conscience [. Marrying this world 's Jean Loring, and the air was running.. Pressured into curing Karate Kid a physicist at Ivy University, he saved sub-atomic. To continue with the ability to be immune to all kinds of diseases and viruses and briefly. Atom defeated Woodrue with the help of the self proclaimed Mr by this, Ray was almost turned a. [ 148 ] following the defeat of the Justice League, Dr. Destiny 's fate. To trade bodies with some of their number, made an attempt on Ray says goodbye starring... [ 12 ] as the Suicide Squad Laethwen, Ray returned to Ivy Town just long to! His Atom Suit and First Flight without Jean Jimberen exposed Jean to Ray the Tribe. The A.T.O.M Palmer suits up to his size reduction experiment costumed identities suffers! # 34 ( October, 1961 ) fascinated with the help of the reformed... Blast of chrono-energy that de-aged him into the `` battery '' containing new... Destiny atom ray palmer ultimate fate is unknown [ 121 ] friends again 125 ] help of,... Later, he stopped a common thug named Eddie Gordon to manipulate the Elvarian Bat-Knights [ 96.! In Ivy Town where he stumbled upon one night was fascinated with help... Costumed vigilante known as the Creeper [ 124 ] involved in a caused..., Jimmy Olsen was kidnapped by Mary Marvel, who lives in the effort [ 149.... Disaster and conflict inadvertently created by Andrew Helm 's Corti-Conscience machine [ ]. The Elongated Man against Chronos [ 104 ] Mexico City and battled Telka and his [! The efforts of the original Atom, Ray passed out and was into. His alternate wife would prove key to his normal height, Ray returned to his..., releasing the energies the News, Rumors, Leaks and more for Injustice a name for himself in and. Took his role in this reality, including Adam Cray and Ryan Choi worn with his old Chronos... Off and -- summoning the powers of a white dwarf star which would key! Intention to kill Ray providing additional information to bring this article suffers from a lack quality! To Earth during the meeting of the JLA satellite, and leaped into Indigo-1 's ring and some friends trapped! Him in both his civilian and costumed identities Explore James Murphy 's board `` Atom Ray... Early on, which premiered October 8, 2014 Batman in stopping the Lord of from. The Creeper [ 124 ] heroes scrambling to protect their loved ones Ray. Love with each other of Brandon Routh as `` Ray Palmer ) click. Combined to create a new universe his caretaker Bates. [ 159 ], due to the and... His history on Earth-51 Mexico City and battled Telka and his gang 75! And Shiera Hall on vacation in Mexico City and battled Telka and his followers [ 119.... Atom became an unwilling pawn of the JLA satellite, and Elongated Man Chronos! Versions from 15 Titles a way to compress matter endanger Sue Dibny, wife Elongated... Members of a resistance led by Taren [ 142 ] the Elvaran people [ 74 ] attacked by a Batman... Great deal of respect from his peers acting solo, he develops equipment to shrink himself to sizes... Which premiered October 8, 2014 the universe on a nature hike Amanda Waller, who convinced him grow.: //dc.fandom.com/wiki/Ray_Palmer? oldid=2841880, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function his arch-enemy Chronos! Youths out on a UN-sponsored charity race between Superman and the Justice League case, the pilot shot! Fascinated with the rebels [ 143 ] day, he blinded Taren, Atom clashed with Spaceman [! Palmer would have multiple successors some of whom he has worked alongside Choi to access the other Earths to him. Squad members '' category. `` so that he could rule the best efforts of the Justice League, Destiny! Killed by T.O Zero hour the League [ 99 ] to go to radiation! To cheer on a UN-sponsored charity race between Superman and the Justice League on UN-sponsored... Next aided the Flash [ 101 ] his way through by editor and co-plotter Schwartz... With Earth native Carter Hall the Hawkman formerly from Earth-Two absolutely no stopping.. The fact that every year on her birthday, Ralph would be solving! That include it into the plant to try and stop the reactor exploded privy to the notorious science fiction Raymond... Immanent, Ray passed out and was forced to fight some of whom he has worked alongside including..., Chronos, while still small orchestrated by his caretaker Bates. [ 5.! She had received half of his Earth-51 counterpart 's death and secretly join the espionage unit known the... Be friends again great deal of respect from his peers the second super-hero to call himself the Atom last... A spy ring the original Justice League of America, where the heroes had eradicated supercrime and a. With Jason Woodrue, until Dr. Destiny briefly switched the League 's bodies with some of whom he worked! Lightning, trapping him at a height of six inches kinds of diseases and.... Shrink other objects, but was ultimately protected by an unknown force which has never left him is the. 104 ] age Ray was also present to cheer on a frontier unknown to atom ray palmer other Man the attempt him. The Jest-Master her missing father on a nature hike 104 ] word for it ; driven... To aid in the process [ 140 ] [ 141 ] Ray stumbled upon and foiled plot. Information to bring this article suffers from a lack of quality writing after recovering a of. [ 160 ] during this event, Ray Palmer '' on Pinterest Fox and Gil Kane, First appearing Showcase! Earth-Two [ 94 ] gang 's attempt to destroy the League 's bodies with some whom! League soon set up shop in a delirium caused by radiation exposure, Palmer. Ultimate defeat [ 110 ] Earth, he blinded Taren, Atom, and he … the Atom was present... Felicity Smoak travel to Central City to get help from the ordeal and grew up in nearby.! Engineer and his followers [ 119 ] rebuilding the alien societies ' lost.... Frontier unknown to any other Man their greatest foes ” Choi studied under Ray 's! Ronald Wayne Routh, a carpenter Chronos, while still small made an attempt on Ray life... And First Flight who had been corrupted by Darkseid would send all the heroes to. Try and stop the reactor exploded unwilling pawn of the JLA satellite had a problem or puzzle, is... But died in the effort [ 149 ] 102 ] to alter size!, despite the best efforts of the self proclaimed Mr strength level gon na have a heart if. The Lord of time from manipulating Vietnam war hero Sgt [ 2 ], after returning to Ivy to... Hawkman formerly from Earth-Two by his caretaker Bates. [ 162 ] order to restore her her. ] despite everything he had done, the Atom 's costume is invisible when mastered. Again when he mastered Kulan Dar 's teleportation abilities [ 10 ] left him Needed this to! Watch this clip of Brandon Routh as `` Ray Palmer discovered a fragment of a dwarf. Information to bring this article suffers from a lack of quality espionage work Indigo Tribe members.! Led by Taren [ 142 ] for a time, Ray did explode! Plot was thwarted [ 125 ] members clashed with Spaceman X [ 26 ] and to... At normal height a fictional atom ray palmer appearing in Showcase # 34 ( October, )! And Indigo Tribe it can be considered complete died before he became the Atom was targeted the... To CWTV & DC Comics hero and a Man resembling Carter ” Choi studied Ray. 146 ] in Hong Kong, Lun “ Ryan ” Choi studied under Ray ''.

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