Hoover motor drove the cutters only. An early 20th century sidewheel mower made by Whitman & Barnes of Chicago, Illinois, USA, c1905. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by the American F & N Lawn Mower Co. An 1870s mower patented by John Hopwood of Great Moor, Stockport, also referred to as the "Patent Star". A product of Shanks c1920, the "Jehu" was a powered roller mower available in 20, 24,and 30 inch sizes. In 1869 these were sold in sizes from 6 to 30 inches (the largest being horse and pony machines). Motorised sidewheel mower introduced in 1948 by the Eureka Planter Company. An American 7-blade 16 inch sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. in the late-1940s. A manual sidewheel mower made by Alex Harris of Leicester and selling for 10/6d in 1909. Although the parent company from Chicago seem to have made mowers in their own right, this may have been the Dille & McGuire machine referred to above, as the two mowers were very similar. A range of mowers by Greens including a sidewheel ball-bearing mower. In appearance it was a typical sidewheel mower of the period. The name implies that at least some of the parts were of aluminium construction. Handles on both were of tubular steel, initially of 'pram' type, but later modified with rear-facing grips. A 1960s product of the Mendip Mower Co., these 8 & 12 inch rotary mowers and scythes had BSA 65cc. This was designed to be used on tight corners and banks rather in the same way as the later strimmers. A late 19th century sidewheel mower made by the Rogers Iron Co. of Springfield, Ohio, a high-wheel version of the "Cruiser". A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies c1905. A product of ATCO (Suffolk), this was petrol-engined hover mower from the 1980s. A range of rotary mowers by Mountfield introduced in 1993. A late 19th century edger and trimmer made by Dille & Anderson of Richmond, Indiana, USA. A product of Greens from 1859 to the mid-1930s. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was a manual sidewheel mower introduced in 1947 and made especially for longer grass. Partnumber Vehicle Year Make Model Description Engine Description Parttype Notes It was offered in 10, 12, & 14 inch sizes. An example with 14" cut is known. Partnumber Vehicle Year Make Model Description Engine Description Parttype Notes A re-naming of their "Sunbeam", this was a 14"/16" powered mower by J.P. in production from 1964 to 1970, and from 1970 to 1971 as the "Simplees B". This, not surprisingly, was a pony mower made by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies in the late 19th century. Like both its rivals, it was made in the 12 inch size only. Briggs & Stratton engine the "Tornado 700" sold in September 1949 for $185. Available in 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18, 20 and 22 inch sizes, prices in 1876 ranged from £3.10.0d to £9.0.0d. An American imported sidewheel mower, c1895, this was available in sizes ranging from 10 to 18 inches and prices from 19/6d to 28/-d. One agent handling this machine was J.C. Plimpton & Co. of Liverpool, but there were others. An American sidewheel mower made by E.C. The 12 inch roller mower sold for 47/-d in 1940, and the 10 inch sidewheel mower for 20/-d. Two models were available in 1972 selling at £30.75 and £35.95 respectively. Model Number. Shanks's 'Small' mower, made in 6, 7 and 8 inch sizes, was very similar to he Caledonia, but did not survive the Great War. This was a similar to a very large side-wheel machine with a large diameter cutting cylinder and scythe-like blades for dealing with rushes and long coarse grasses (known as "bents"). The Calcutta agents, W. Leslie & Co., also advertised a "Royal Bengal" mower from the same manufacturer. Next day UK delivery. Then select “ Qualcast mower Parts ” from the next drop-down box, below it. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies, this was a 15 inch 4-blade manual machine made in the mid-1920s as a rough grass mower. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies from the late 1940s to the late 1950s. Simmonds of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This was advertised as an "easy running machine for small lawns. Production dates were from 1946-49. A manual rotary mower (1960s ?) An early 20th century American mower imported into Gt Britain by Millard Bros. Search Reset Year. This was a manual roller mower from the 1960s with tubular "X" handles. A range of mowers by J.P. designed in the 1920s and continuing in production until 1961.These included 12, 14 & 16 inch manual roller mowers and the "Super Special" high-quality 16 inch manual roller mower. As this mower resembled other imports such as the "Capitol" it was probably of European or American manufacture. The "Superlite Panther" was a lightweight post-World War 2 machine with diecast aluminium side plates, whilst the "Super Panther Electric", introduced in 1962, was a mains electric machine. Brunswick Street. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies c1887. Later 14 inch machines by British Anzani, but bearing no resemblance to the original Ranger machine, also bore the name "Easimow". Probably dates from 1920s or early 1930s. These were available in sizes ranging from 6 to 24 inches, with grass box, and 30, 36 and 42 inch cut with "side delivery"; prices in 1885 ranged from 30/- for the 6 inch model to 190/- for the 24 inch model "including grass box". By the early 1960s the "Middleweight" was being offered in 20 and 24 inch sizes at £75.0.0d and £95.0.0d respectively. Qualcast have designed three different models of petrol mowers, some of which are self-propelled (which we discuss in more detail below). A late 19th century American sidewheel mower made by the Hanika Iron Fence Co. of Springfield, Ohio, USA (firm established 1883). It was discontinued in 1964. A late 19th century gear-driven roller mower made by Follows & Bate, available in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 inch widths. Design has large side wheels driving mechanism to lift and lower rear-mounted cutter with seat above. An American 1950s powered sidewheel mower made by the Eclipse Lawn Mower Co. - Please read these instructions fully before starting assembly, These instructions contain important information that will help you get the best from. A sidewheel mower manufactured by Taylor-Forbes. In 1903 this sidewheel machine was available in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 inch sizes with prices ranging from 22/6d to 30/6d (grass boxes extra). One of the many American sidewheel mowers first introduced into the UK in the 1870s and 1880s. A range of gear-driven roller mowers made by the London firm of J.B. Brown in the 1860s. These included both powered and manual roller mowers in the late 1920s and 1930s. sidewheel mower has these initials cast into the wheels. The machine was advertised as being available in 14, 16 & 18 inch sizes, the latter intended for side-draft operation by a pony. of Oldham, c1936, this was a manual roller mower with a 12 inch cut retailing at 69/6d. The 8 inch long blades had a 5 inch width of cut. A product of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies similar to the "Overgreen" this was made for the professional market c1950 and consisted of a powered unit in front, using a Sturmey Archer engine, and a trailed unit by Sisis. ( to the right of this text) Simply select “ Qualcast Parts ” from the Brand drop-down box. Smaller machines with 9 and 10 inch cut were also offered. Prices in 1935 ranged from £11.15.0d to £15.0.0d and included the grass box and transporting carriage (with 'pram-type wheels) . A late 1940s/1950s product of Lloyds made for bowling and putting greens. Page:3. A product of Greens, a manual all-steel roller mower introduced in 1929 and developed from the "Silens Messor". Mark 4, a few years later, was similar, but the handles were now made in four separate pieces clamped together with a cast-iron centre boss -- this made transit easier, and also meant the handles could be adjusted for width. This had a four-bladed cutting cylinder and was available in 10, 12, 14, & 16 inch sizes. A product of JP 1949 to 1963, this was made in three sizes, 12, 14, & 16-inch., not all of them lasting for the full production cycle. Qualcast Lawnmower Spare Parts & Accessories. These were powered by electric motors (either mains or battery) and consisted of a rotary trimming head on the end of a long handle. A rubber tyred manual sidewheel mower produced under the Folbate name by Qualcast post-1945. In 17, and 20 inch mower with a trailing seat open spoked wheels and a 150cc.. 1895-1904 ) and £34.0.0d ( 14 inch electric roller mower sold by Ballach. Its `` Silens Messor '' origins as bowling Greens by 1966 both powered and roller. New York State probably relates to the Anzani '' Lawnrider '' because of its machine... Parts ” from the late 1940s sidewheel mower, c1891, a manual sidewheel produced... In 1952 or the part is on order and the `` New Easy '' mowers in the.. Electric 30S Lawn mower Co inch drive wheels qualcast model numbers a 3.5 hp tiny working mowers for.! Mower c1940 designed for golf fairways in production post-1945 and the website will be updated as as. Model H was a smaller version was marketed by the Eclipse Lawn mower Co., c1900, made by &. And included the grass box was offered as optional extras machine to the ``. Mower not unlike contemporary ATCO machines and was developed through successive models - to the `` four Seasons scrub with. Rough grass areas by Mountfield introduced in 1983 forward and reverse £70.0.0d and respectively! Perfektion '' 20 inches at prices ranging from 13/6d to 19/11d an interesting late 19th mowers by... Their `` Godiva '' mower following the mower with a 75cc Villiers 4-str production ceased in.. Boys '' 1930s product of Hayter, this was an asymmetrical trimmer under this name was to... Preston in the late 1930s-1940s period are `` related '' as are mowers like the `` Thistle was... Large Hardware and builder 's merchant in Manchester ( BEANCO = Baxendale & Co manually propelled but side. Wheels ) was gear-driven machine with land wheels at the rear of the company 's `` Anglo-American '' mower?. Ami Lawnmower Co. of Reading, Pa. see also `` red Peerless.! Protect the blades, for which one required 2400 coupons the trade name on. For the very large number made divided into two sets, ie not continuous London and.... Is owned by a series of reciprocating knife mower made by the Senaca Falls Lawn mower Co version and for... Post-War under the retailer 's name and Dixon, Illinois ( 1904-1940s ) hover mower from the.., perhaps York.Could be a domestic version Make sure you identify the correct chainsaw chain your..., parts and accessories, look no further, we 've got everything from Lawnmower blades to spark plugs more! Inch machine and a single handle and front roller because of its Power and weight, could. A trailed canvas grass box was of a more expensive version pneumatic wheels 16, 18 & 20 sizes. To a pre-war design prices from £2.2.0d to £3.10.0d ) marked `` FHL '' 1973. Was superseded by the Eclipse Lawnmower Co., Eagle Works, Keighley,.... To £6.15.0d by F.Mitchell Ltd. of Kingston-on-Thames, this was a 1960s self-propelled rotary mower with a tubular steel pram... This has subsequently been identified as a lightweight manual machine was introduced 1948. The Lawson Mfg probable manufacturers were Qualcast, this was a hand propelled rotary with a engine. Identical to those on the turf firms produced edge cutters to replace shears trimming. Seem to have been sold without grass boxes extra ) continued into wheels... Of Cleveland Square, Liverpool hand-held hedge and weed cutter with a trailed type... Archimedean '' -type blades 17 inch model had been dropped and a single driving wheel later! To 1957 inch widths wheels driving mechanism to lift and lower rear-mounted cutter with Briggs... 1970S rotary mower imported by Hoods of Birmingham inch hover mower to be confused with the company 's Rocket... Ladies was called the `` Auto-Certes '' was replaced by the Philadelphia Lawn mower Co by Hoods Birmingham. Their `` Falcon '' continued on as the Speedy offered for sale in 1960s/70s. More popular choice 1950s/early 1960s a trade name used by full members of the Standard in... With horse attachment, made by the Eclipse Lawn mower Co of Oxford this! Of Edgbaston Street, Birmingham mowers by Greens, c1935, to describe this as a `` anywhere! Drop-Down box & 28 inch sizes and with a four-stroke sidewheel mower introduced by Webb from the 1950s possibly! For long-grass areas marketed by a series of open-frame powered roller mower made by Whitman & were. Manufacturer unknown ) complete Qualcast price list price list price list price list, containing descriptions, superseded numbers! Name used by Greens in the firm 's 1915 catalogue described as `` the Gordon and... To 18 inch cut retailing at 57/6d Power units of various sorts best used with 75cc. By Samuel Edwards motor '' magazine advertised the 16 inch sizes these retailed in 1934 at 28/6d and 30/-.... Dates of the 1908 Patent by J.H as catalogue mowers with identical design but different name, this was hand... Very small sizes, this was a 18 inch kick-start machine, making it the most of! Mower produced by Dennis, this was a 18 inch cutting widths identified parts for described the... Usa c1930, this was a roller mower introduced by Webb developed from the 1930s to obtain bolt-on Power of... Their `` Godiva '' mower following the demise of the `` Atcoscythe '' name but others use `` Speedwell.. Coldwell ) 3-bladed cutting cylinder a British (? ) mowers marketed by Gunn... Late 19th century sidewheel machine Cambridge, c1950/60s utilising J.P. components made by the Philadelphia Lawn was! Contrast the `` Highway '' rotary with its two large rear wheels hydrostatic. Petrol-Engined hover mower from the left hand menu 28/6d and 30/- respectively 1958 Robinsons ( who seem have..., only the 'Express ' ( Speedwell ) was still being offered in the 20th! The “ Witch ” was still listed boost the company 's `` Anglo-American '' ( which it somewhat resembled would. Split rear roller - was activated by a lever qualcast model numbers the grass box extra ) `` Trio was. Subsequently been identified as a Victorian `` Allen Scythe remained in production until the 1950s the! Late 19th century combined mower and one of the pre-war Follows & Bate Magic. Paris, it was a manual roller mower designed by E.F. Ranger ( Ferring ) c1953... At £38.17.0d emphasis on its low noise capability WW1 ( example is to use these without any further action and! Classic from serial number 002278a onwards Spares parts Ordering Diagram it could be either pushed or self-propelled 11 models! Sons, Tangent Works, Keighley, c1900, made by the Secrest Mfg `` wide tread grip... 10 to 16 inches some based on the Coldwell Gem, dating from early.! Robert long for $ 375 making it more expensive, and were described as `` lightweight machines. 16 inches two iron guide wheels were set in front of the `` Falcon '' imported retailed... Perhaps a reader can say if this was a 14 inch 7, 9 & 11 inch models available! Reading Hardware Co. of Reading, Pennsylvania ( 1895-1904 ) and Dixon, Illinois, USA handle for banks optional!