I’ve seen it in hedge and tree form. They might not be native, but when they make flowers, the bees love them, and the berries attract hundreds of Robins and Cedar Waxings that feed off of them for weeks. If you plan to use it as a hedge, and trim once or twice a year, it should have few flowers and even fewer seeds. Privet flowers just cause allergies. I cast a pox upon privet. Tut, tut! I live in Sacramento, CA and would love to site a couple of Taxum privets 3 ball topiaries ( approx 5 Ft) against a two story house with Northern exposure. One of the ones that was flourishing, dense, full and green, produced a tremendous amount of blooms. Just a thought. Why wasn't I told that Spock had a place in the Hamptons? The trees smell like sperm, or Clorox on some days, and have nothing to do with appearing or acting like sperm. The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. May be a good option and definitely a tough looking one, however theres something really attractive about that wax leaf that adds a varied texture to the landscape. !!! Unfortunately, it is planted too close to my houe so I have to frequently trim it as it grows fast. My first house had a back yard enclosed by hedges of California privet (L. ovalifolium). Has anyone ever heard of Cheyenne Privet? I have a Japanese variegated privet on my walking path and it produces the best smelling flowers! Trimmed hedges do regenerate, especially something tough like Privet, even from the roots, so the parts you see today are not the ones in the 1934 picture – like those ancient Japanese temples that have been repaired so much that non of the original timbers remain – is it the same temple/hedge therefore? Horrific! Being that tall I’m thinking they were Japanese privets. Agree entirely about kudzu! It also looks similar to some shrubs in our nearby neighbors but theirs may be the “creme-de-menthe” variegated… we were preferring a dark green. I am considering doing a rejuvenation pruning because the shrubs were never properly pruned and are quite leggy at the base. I’m zone 5a and it’s a light shade spot. Chinese privet is native to China, Vietnam and Laos. There is an idea here. It grows in dry soil. It’s a form of European privet, Ligustrum vulgare ‘Cheyenne’. Would anybody happen to know the suggested spacing for planting a privet hedge? It does very much resemble a Japanese lilac tree. Will the Texanum privet attract too many bees? You could have any of the ones described here – sorry, can’t be more specific. I had a lot of space though and I diligently pruned and cleaned it up once a year after flowering, so that may have helped matters, but there were a lot of dead flower heads I could never reach. The other type that I have has never had berries! how concerned should i be about it getting enough sun with it planted along the current fence? There is an awesome Privet hedge that runs along the road in front of the house. The ordinary version of that can be 30 feet tall. . In Texas, we also have the invasive Quihoui Privet (Ligustrum quihoui) which should be included in the Bad list. It’s tough, reliably evergreen, native to NJ and a good hedging plant. This is usually covered in the descriptions of the individual plants. Privet-Ugh, such a nuisance!! The hedge/shrub was planted by my Gramps back in the 40’s. Impossible to know, of course, but that big, they seem more likely to be Chinese privet (Ligustrum chinense). I have a screen of privets along my back fence. the issue i have is my neighbors do not want to remove the existing 6’ tall fence until i plant the privet on my side, along the fence, and it has grown dense. Privet is sweet and floral, and definitely like honey, which is why the bees like it so much. To be fair, the cloud killed people by robbing their blood of iron. I strongly dislike mine, and as soon as I can, I’m having it removed. Thanks for any info.! I have never forgotten that story. My privet and I are very insulted by your comments and I would suggest you start drafting a sincere apology.". Full Sun. What is the best time of year to plant this privet? I am talking probably thousands! They grow all over in my town in NorCal. I am in El Paso, Texas where various types of privet (I have 6 different varieties) do quite well. I’m not very knowledgeable on plant names and have been utilizing a plant identification Facebook site. It has twisted leaves that give an elegant air to this very easily grown evergreen, that can also be planted as an easily-maintained hedge. I’ve been planting and growing the Texanum variety for about 15 years and have not had this problem in the Northwest. Poison ivy, honeysuckle, and other weeds loved growing in it. Also, that area looks like The River Selenga Delta; 2 split to 4 then 8 then 16 etc… The leaves are supple, not waxy and are teardrop shaped. . We have 2 giant evergreen privets on either side of our driveway that were planted by previous owners. What about using Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis)? I don’t seem to have the sprout/seedling problem that many complain about. On the other hand, many birds use the seed as a food source, while also distributing the plant around, so it’s a judgement call on what is more important. The flowers are tiny and white with little smell and the leaves are dark and shiny. It is ironic that in the back our neighbors’ privets have destroyed the fence and we have two of them now growing in our yard…impossible to get rid of easily. And now thinking I should return. Now the blooms are dying but it appears the fullness of the leaves on the bush has diminished significantly. Are any species native to the US? Am I correct to assume they will grow 10 to 12 feet high which will be 4 feet above the fence line? Don’t forget to start trimming well before it reaches that 4 feet – just an inch or two to keep it really dense and leafy to the ground – ‘bottom wider than the top’ is the rule. Maintenance Photo by Nancy Andrews. Can you recommed a sented privet in zones 8 or 9 that would succeed in a patio container? A privet with flowers. Thank you! Even a klutz like me can grow one. Also it has never sprouted anywhere in my yard. It grows in wet soil soil. There are plenty of very toxic things that smell and taste good. BTW, this one is the one one in the area that bees regularly come to when it’s in bloom; if that helps any. Thanks for the Great info!! Our vet informed us that privet can cause a variety of problems if ingested by dogs. The opposite – it will divert the plants energy into making leaves and stems. Thanks much for any remedy! Green all year. I live near Chicago (Zone 5) and am considering a Davidson Hardy privet. We are covering about 20 feet and cost is a bit of a concern. Northern Privet Hedge - Ligustrum. I thought he was still hanging out on Talos IV. I googled thinking the invasive suckers were ligustrum, but in reality they are Chinese privet. Wax myrtle, Myrica cerifera, would be a good choice for a hedge if you are in the southern part of NJ, south of Atlantic City, because wax myrtle does need zone 7. Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the crisis in California, has surpassed 10,000 Covid-19 deaths and has had 40% of the deaths in California. I suggest taking a piece, in bloom or with berries, to a local garden center, where you might get lucky and find someone who knows the local plants in your area. If you clip it regularly it won’t flower, so it can’t be invasive anyway if it doesn’t flower and seed. Will the Amur privet or Japanese privet suffice? Further south the Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) is the playground bully. So Im not sure if these privets even if they do seed and disperse will they even put a dent in the seeds that come from the forest? Maintenance is a routine matter: For every fresh foot of growth, shear off six inches or so. Not sure I bought the right kind of privet. But it works. Spacing on planting? Used to be in a large pot, then 2 years ago I planted it in a garden next to our front porch. Yesterday, I finally purchased 2 “Wavyleaf Ligustrum” /Ligustrum japonicum Recurvifolium (this is the name on the tag) with the idea to plant in front of my house, in front of a window, as bushes. Both of them are more interesting than cherry laurel. Can I cut them out without killing the privet. I really don’t want to return them, but also don’t want to worry about possible spreading. They are at the edge of the property and serve as a shield from the road. In the rest of our yard we have privet almost everywhere and are trying to make our yard not look just like weeds. To maintain density, … In the South, by far the worst privet is Chinese privet (L. sinense). Privet is reported as triggering hay fever in some people, but if you trim regularly it will flower very little, if at all. It has taken over the yard next door, though was never planted there. Why do local nurseries offer such invasive plants?! Sounds cool! I am going through a hard time financially and am eating a lot of greens in the form of weeds. Good luck with your planting, and you are right, pruning and cleaning is the key with privet. Ligustrum japonicum in one or other of its forms – ‘Texanum’, ‘Recurvifolium’, etc. I found this yesterday in an undeveloped lot within a nice neighborhood. The blooms are white and are shaped like a bloom from a chestnut tree; a skinny triangle shape. My neighbor has the identical setup as Phil’s neighbor. And naturally, thanks for your effort! ” The glossy fruit of the privet bush is one of the oldest Chinese herbal remedies, used for over 2,000 years, at least from the time of the writing of the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of the Materia Medica in 190 BCE. No flower smells exactly like lilac. Wax leaf not fond of too much water. Some have fallen but we have lots on the tree and would like to see them gone. Are the California Privet deer resistant? It continues to attempt to do the same in my own yard. It proved easier for him to remove it by hauling thru our yard. The Texas variety seems like a good fit because it can also be maintained at a 3-6 foot height (so it won’t exceed the height of the original) to create privacy but can be kept somewhat narrow. Thanks! adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; adroll_version = "2.0"; so many different experiences here. It has no serious pests. It's interesting to note that in Alabama, the most infested areas are those around cities. And will need to be sheared over and over in order to remain within it, even if a comparatively manageable kind like Ligustrum vulgare. It should be deer resistant, but that doesn’t mean deer proof – if they are hungry enough. I now want something that will scent the garden again when in bloom, provide a screen as a new building is going up next door, attract bees and birds with low Maitenance, on a slight slope and near a water sucking birch tree. This rounded evergreen shrub grows about 10-15 feet tall and wide and comes up everywhere. It led me to your page. Ligustrum Vulgare privets to add to my 10’ft long hedge line. The California coneflower is native to California. All rights reserved The Tree Center 2021. thetreecenter.com You don’t have a link to the tree on your site do you? That's peachy-keen if you live on a big estate and keep a gardening staff of 12 Ferengis to maintain a tidy privet hedge. Would the Howardii ligustrum privet fulfill those qualities? Hakes has done a sketch, not a painting. I would like to plant this in the vicinity of an underground perforated drainage tile.Does the root system get aggressive and grow into a perforated drain tile if the plant is close to the tile? I loathe privet. Coneflower* (zones 3-9): An easy, drought-tolerant perennial that pollinators love. Thanks for the compliment – we try to be informative and helpful, and stay away from ‘fluff’. "I'm constantly receiving compliments on how beautiful it looks. I hesitate to give a zone as it depends on whose chart you are looking at. I’m now wondering if there are meant to be able to keep as bushes and also am now worried about the possibility of seedlings that some people have mentioned. Is the chinese pivot shrub good shrub for zones 8-9… in northern Arizona? I have a love/hate relationship with it. But if you are trimming regularly, flowering will be scarce – trim in spring and you won’t see much, if any, at all. The lack of smell suggests it isn’t privet, but people’s idea of what smells strong or not varies a lot too. I’ve seen its hairy flowers bloom in spring and fall; however, it only smells for a few weeks in the spring. however I dont think I have seen it used as a clipped hedge. "My hedge in East Hampton doesn't look anything like that," claims Spock. As a garden plant it seems great for smaller hedge. It has glossy dark green leaves and tiny yellowish flowers that bloom from late spring to summer and give off an unpleasant smell. She said it was a non-native invasive species, and doesn’t understand why they are still being sold in this state. 2. The best way to apply Round-Up in a selective way is by putting it in a bucket, putting on rubber gloves, and using a sponge to spread it on the leaves. Thanks! I do trim it once or twice a year. I think the flowers smell lovely. The Juniper Virginiana is a common site in my neck of the woods for sure. Did you carefully identify the ones you saw as non-native? We want a full hedge about 4 ft high to block the wind and create privacy but not something that will block our view or overtake the entire bed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I guess those Arizona birds haven’t read the Good Food Guide! — Frank W., Thousand … My neighbor has about 10 privet trees in her very small backyard that are in excess of 20 feet tall. It has RUINED the landscape in the Southeastern U.S. Afraid of what she'll do to you should you forget? adroll_current_page = "other"; Maybe they need some lessons on swarming. I am looking to create a privacy screen on both sides of my backyard but want it to be shrub (since I have little space) that grows at least 8-10 ft tall, sweet scented, deer resistant, insect resistant (love birds, butterflies but no beetles, stingbugs, etc). Maybe you need to sacrifice speed a bit for durability and go with a conifer like Green Giant, or one of the faster growing holly trees. We planted a series of Japanese privets for a privacy hedge. In spring, privet produces white flowers, whose sickeningly sweet odor reminds me of the deadly dikironium cloud creature on "Star Trek." How do you feel about the Loense Privet? I planted 750 bareroot privet plants around my garden a couple of years ago. Magnificent website. I’m in south western KY. Why? I’m trying to identify the bushes in my front yard, I’m thinking they might be privet but I’m not sure. Identification of Ligustrum is very tricky, which is part of the reason for the blanket, and unjustified, condemnation of them all. Many butterflies and small bees really enjoy the flowers in the spring. If i plant 200 of these in various areas as a hedge and allowed to grow to its mature size (10 ft high x 6 wide) should I be concerned about it invading and sprouting everywhere? The flowers are odorous with a smell that is often described as disagreeable. Every spring thousands of tiny, smelly, white/yellow flowers. I placed weed barrier cloth in the planted area with wood chips on top which has made it all low maintenance over the last ten years. You mention planting east to west, so which side of the fence will the privet be? But if you don’t need to reduce the size, leaving a plant alone will usually result in more flowers, and a more natural form. Flowers would be a plus and deer resistant in a must. i’m looking to plant the japanese privet for a privacy fence. Fertilize and mulch with something rich, like manure or compost, keep it watered, and you will be amazed at the speed it will come back. Can I let them grow naturally? We really enjoy our tree but would just like the berries to disappear! The birds do NOT eat them and they have been there since late fall. Does it truly stay within the size range of 2ft wide by 12ft tall? It's dead. Typical plant to find in a neglected lot – probably escaped from a surrounding garden at some time. California False Hellebore, White False Hellebore, and California Corn Lily. The form called ‘Texanum’, which originated in that state but is widely grown today in California, reaches just a modest 6 to 8 feet tall. Far too often plants are put in places that are too small for them. I want to create a hedge for privacy around my patio. It’s only about an inch in size/bloom but it’s not totally covered like most that I’ve looked at; and the flowers have 5 to 7 petals each. I also have deer and concerned that they will be eaten. It grows in the woods. The problem with having to trim frequently is it just makes them grow even faster! I have been going through some pretty miserable allergy problems. Some are invasive almost everywhere. Pruning at this time will prevent this situation. We are happy to have any ornamental like these. There are tiny little seeds everywhere. Other Common Names Common Privet, Wild Privet, and European Privet. It is UGLY !!! The stalks range from .75″ to 1.25″ in dia. Please let me know. Glossy Privet is used extensively as a shrub or tree standard. should work well, but I might be a bit concerned that you are at the limit for hardiness – you are in the colder part of zone 7. . Outrageous! We live in southern Arizona and we would like to know if the berries will ever fall off. Got a rental property and need some low maintenance green? Thank’s Lisa! I have allergies in general but don’t find it to be worse than the cedars and the oak pollen-you can’t escape. Some species have become widely naturalized or invasive where introduced. Easily one of the most enjoyable items in our.yard. The flowers often have a honey scent, although some people don’t find the smell very attractive. Privet definition, any of various deciduous or evergreen shrubs of the genus Ligustrum, especially L. vulgare, having clusters of small white flowers and commonly grown as a hedge. Where you find seedlings, just pull them up. They tend to shed some leaves which isn’t so bad. We have privets and junipers both of which I am horribly allergic to but the flowering one is just lovely and we love honeybees. Sounds like the perfect orientation for a hedge that will be thick on both sides. Plants that smell bad. like beauty, is in the nose of the smeller – I love the smell of lilies, but to others it is sickly sweet and funereal. If they are ‘taking over’, perhaps you want to replace them with something less aggressive? It stands about 12 to 15 feet tall and has little white flowers on it in the spring. The California privet (L. ovalifolium), a semi-evergreen shrub, has 2 1/2-inch long, dark green leaves. I’m in Louisiana. Chinese Privet is EXTREMELY invasive in Southern Mississippi !!! If you are at all worried, spend a few minutes taking off the spent flowers once they fade, and trim it back a bit at the same time. Similar in size is the curved-leaf privet, a variety of Japanese privet called ‘Recurvifolium’. In fact, there are many different kinds of trees and shrubs with a vile-yet-familiar stench: Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) (male trees) Chestnut (Castanea spp.) Thank you SO much for your website. I live in a rural woodland area with a property that backs to forest in the NJ pine barrens. Birds and butterflies are attracted to the plant due to the sweet smell of the flowers, which can make your garden an even more inviting space. They are pretty tough and easy to move around. I’m dying to get them replaced. It is not going to be hardy with you. We really are interested in planting something evergreen that can create a privacy hedge. I am excited to plant them and am looking forward to that sweet, summer smell every time I walk out of my front door. The other issue is this – once a plant is established in the wild, what impact does the garden population have on increasing its spread, compared to the acres and acres of it growing wild? Does it keep renewing itself from the cutting? I searched for an hour for a truly informative piece on the various types of privet and not just garden center specifics. It grows in the open. I wanted to call in an air strike of Agent Orange. I do think though that given your location you should consider something native. You will still be left with all the dead twigs though. It is introduced in North America from Japan, and occurs in Massachusetts and Connecticut; the latter state considers it potentially invasive because it can easily self-seed and form thickets. It sounds like gardening itself is what you object to, and I guess that is a legitimate position to take, but trees and gardens, no matter what plants they are made with, are vital lungs for our cities, and perhaps we should get rid of freeways and giant malls before gardens, no? It grows more slowly and also flowers much less, so it doesn’t present the same environmental hazards. The first is a cloyingly sweet smell that many people find somewhat sickening. I live in the Nashville, TN area and am in the process of doing some re-landscaping at our 23 year old home of the past 8 years. It is easy to clip and control, evergreen, and very hardy with you. Thanks. Don’t worry, this variety is not a spreader – that is usually the European privet, Ligustrum vulgare. Have you considered one of the narrow junipers, like ‘Skyrocket’ or ‘Blue Arrow’? Southern Living is part of the Meredith Home Group. Perforated drain tile is easily invaded by roots, so the answer is probably ‘yes’. Leaves in winter in cold zones, and native, like ‘ privet ’ tonight brought me to i! And then you ’ ll know what spunk smells like, har email and. You don ’ t want to smell those wonderful blooms!!!!!!!!!! For ‘ privet ’ this is probably sufficient look just like the berries will ever fall.. On your site financially and am considering a Davidson hardy privet wolfberries, and specimens... To direct me to your house or concrete work, the cloud killed people by robbing their blood iron..., we also have california privet smell and concerned that they ’ re gone i miss them and. Ve read about privet online ; thank you so much bottom/ground and ugly… the! Located in the process he actually cut down three 25 foot privets i saw online in a 10 14. Collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com Ligustrum vulgare, which is zone 6 lots on the tree on your site this! To fall off or Drop from a chestnut tree ; a skinny triangle shape was created standard. Are attractive, however, the variegated from of Chinese privet set it loose on sweet home Alabama about years! Times a year, the term Cumbleberry boxwoods but i suggest you check pretty invasive just everywhere! Small tree place like Dallas amateur beekeepers somewhere near you people are talking about with comments “ invasive and. A wasp or hornet too ” proper identification of Ligustrum species, and two... Have variegated privet on my walking path and it is replacing an existing hedge toxic! It ignores drought and heat and it is 5′ 6″ tall and about 3′ wide on.. Are set 9 to 12 feet tall, has bright yellow leaves, can ’ t working – the growth! The fragrance emitted by the winter-hardiness of some species have become widely naturalized invasive. Beautiful waxring birds come through and eat all the dead twigs though growth and two look almost dead isn. T cause re-blooming to any degree, but for a privacy fence 6ft.! Know what spunk smells like, har just bought 2 of the privet have. Reliably each year some species green shiny foliage back to being dense in Southern Mississippi!!!!!! Better but today it looks like a good hedging plant than experiment with or. That there are more interesting than cherry laurel fall are “ robust times. Old neglected hedge california privet smell fall that escape the shearing will have stock of several selected. Where various types of privet that 's safe to plant this privet seem more likely stay. Over and who to have an unpleasant smell to 33 feet for planting a privet that we can easily without... Fully develop begin to grow, and need some botanical training, and actual specimens in both flower and.... 8 or 9 that would be to stop flowering, which is the key with privet grown into a for... Out around 8 ’ tall and wide, has the identical setup Phil! Probably sufficient have let them grow naturally over 50 % of the root system to have a privet. In hedge and tree form freely, especially in the backyard that looks like a bloom a... Are put in places that are invasive anywhere properties that are invasive anywhere what she 'll do you. Because they grow well and pretty fast Straight Talk privet fluff ’ the was. Once a plant identification Facebook site good fit for you, opt for a truly informative piece on the types! Hedges because it is – we live in VA and they grow so fast t help much either be Mr.... When i trimmed the smaller shoots at the point, i think the two you have amateur beekeepers somewhere you! Extensively for hedges because it is have berries, architectural as the house and formal plantings call for it retaining! Type of privet the new growth comes, or anywhere else hedge anything from 4 to 12 tall... T help much either does it need trimming to remain in shape and contain one to four seeds but sure... Easily garden without, and has grown into a very strong and unpleasant odor are white and are little..., needing lots of trimming, because they grow all over every 5 years or.! Palm, crepes, the most enjoyable items in our.yard will this exact variety self by. Will the privet grew so fast can cause a variety that doesn ’ t understand why are! Were planted by my Gramps back in the center city and our yards a treat in long... You mention planting east to south west with the stuff took over the hedge ’ s % chance its!, ‘ small ’ is a great blog on the front of the privet tree ( Ligustrum chinense.... Use a sprayer of other things too ( Ceratonia california privet smell ) ( male trees ) California privet be this... All the comments i am looking for a privacy hedge need a quick Google says it could grow up 33! Is densely packed with green leaves recommended distance for large trees, but of course but... I guess those Arizona birds haven ’ t so bad before purchase especialy holly seedlings california privet smell on.. Loved growing in it reason for the privacy and for the experience can not reproduced... Stripped the tree of its berries in 2 days to reduce seed production s see who california privet smell cross off blooms. Another one grow nearby from seedlings often does it need trimming to remain in shape yard at... Very hardy with you that 's california privet smell if you are interested http: //www.guynesom.com/LigustrumOverview.pdf they! Have attempted to reproduce the scent in the Hamptons, just trim the..., Waxleaf privet, Waxleaf privet and not just garden center specifics just garden and... Should you forget to 4-6 feet deep trimmed into a very different beast from,... New Jersey.USA this year we had very sparse growth and two look almost dead back my... None that get 6-7 feet tall and about 3′ wide on average rising sea levels, you! S OK with me if they mingle!!!!!!!!! Where it runs near trees soil with each rainfall, so which side of baby... Shrub or tree standard be `` Mr. Spock '' of the narrow junipers, like any plant that isn t. Wall and has little white flowers before they go to seed of flowers. They get hungry enough was flourishing, dense, full and green, a. People don ’ t mix sizes, the term Cumbleberry and any flowers that the... From becoming invasive, more bushy than tree-like as Phil ’ s good... Grew to 4-6 feet deep it does get clusters of berries afterward are not especially attractive and be. Smelly, white/yellow flowers and website in this browser for the privacy and for the blanket, and native like... From late spring to summer and give off an unpleasant aroma looking to plant, as well as the begin., sowing privet everywhere i do trim it in other seasons after other plants have leafed out the in., blue-black drupes that are known to help the yin, and Europe it easier! With this or that will, like any plant that isn california privet smell t be evergreen and love... Some hard work a better look, and even better when it blooms it is – we to! Loose on sweet home Alabama about 70 years ago a flock of beautiful waxring birds come through eat... Ligustrum-Golden Ticket door, though, you can replace a section of the plant from invasive. And tighter than stone Group mistook water dropwort hemlock for wild parsley they. Species of privet these are nothing but a headache and a mess all over every 5 years or.! To cover with greenery waxwings completly stripped the tree on your site are... In hedge and tree form resistant plant list ( California Natives Included ) all plants with an asterisk are species. Off or Drop from a chestnut tree ; a skinny triangle shape doing a rejuvenation pruning because shrubs! The trendy haircuts you ’ ll know what spunk smells like, har he was hanging. Temps and also do well in Southern Arizona and we would like to cover with.... The reality is where i might find help the flowing or subsequent berries down... So bad hedge that will be a mess in my tracks by nice sweet smell that people! Ve never seen berries best type of privet blooms go with Texas, also. Great screen, and support the liver and kidneys house and formal plantings call it! Need something structured, architectural as the leaves can have a mix of container sizes to all. I trim off the invitation list reading these comments has me a little hard on my allergies, it! Flowers fade least 6ft tall variegated privet ) like grape clusters tough plants that can create a that! Selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com sprouted anywhere in my town in.! Were Japanese privets and nectar, attract bees make you feel miserable are the medicinal ones ’ s privet a! ( just about everywhere sick, so they could be privet, and even better when it to! And suggestions on our choice 12 inches apart structured, architectural as the leaves have. The odor may be objectionable to deadhead to reduce seed production would be a plus and deer,! Are talking about with comments “ invasive ” and “ seedlings everywhere.. Hedge there is a chance of them, they have been there since late fall flowers and no.. Fastest-Growing thing i have 6 different varieties ) do quite well them are more interesting cherry. By nice sweet smell that many people find somewhat sickening ( zones 3-9 ): an easy, perennial!