In 2016, Dominic Devine, 10, was bitten by a venomous snake in Lake Mathews, California. Almost 5 million tourists were visiting California every year by the late 1990s and the travel and tourism industry generated approximately $75 billion annually. It was designated as the official state animal in 1953. 1. These trees can reach a height of over 300 feet. The. Gold was discovered in California in 1848 at Sutter’s Mill by James W. Midwestern farmers of European descent were the state’s earlier settlers. [2], 18. The California Coastal National Monument is located along the entire coastline of California. 16. California was known as the Grizzly Bear State. What you don’t know is that it is very aesthetically pleasing and tourists favorite. Todd Fassler, one year earlier, was billed $153,000 for the treatment of a snake bite by a rattlesnake while attempting to take a selfie with it. And the treatment cost him $350,000, thanks to the expensive antivenom. Thanks to the routine maintenance practices given to the sailing ship. [3], 50. If you are guessing what she was demanding, learn that she was against the harvesting of the old redwood trees in the Headwaters Forest of Humboldt County. Where? [7], 42. 1. 2. [24], 56. Visitors can also see the world's largest known tree (General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park), or the tallest, a coastal redwood named Hyperion. When you think of California, what usually springs to mind? When California witnessed an explosion, the bear population was wiped out, and it became the Golden State. He can also differentiate the size, texture, density and the position of the object. DOWNLOAD . The captain of the flight, Charles Elwood Yeager, reached Mach 1.06 at an altitude of 42,000 ft. In 2009, at the age of 15, she became the youngest African American woman to complete a transcontinental flight across the United States, from Los Angeles, California to Newport News, Virginia. Furnace Creek in Death Valley is where the hottest temperature on Earth was recorded – 134.1 degrees Fahrenheit (on July 10, 1913).[33]. California Fun Facts. California became a state in September 1850. Particularly, a tree in the group named “Hyperion” is the tallest known living tree of all at 379.7 feet. They are Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet and the Badwater Basin in Death Valley at 282 feet below sea level. The largest surfboard measuring 12.83 m in length, 3.37 m in width and 0.41 m in thickness, was ridden by 66 people on Huntington Beach, California on 20 June 2015. 83. Pauline Potter from Sacramento, California is the world’s heaviest woman alive. [9], 49. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his crew on September 28, 1542, were the first Europeans to enter California. 7. Most people in California belong to a minority ethnic groups. That means it is 157 years old as of today. Since then, technology continues to grow. When the Spanish started exploring the Pacific coast, they applied this name to the Baja California Peninsula. It is illegal for women to drive in California while wearing a housecoat. 65. In California, you can travel between both the lowest and highest points in the continental U.S.—Death Valley and Mt. The state’s agricultural produce includes more than 400 commodities. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. … [29], 60. Alex Honnold, born in Sacramento, California is an American rock climber. The first ever supersonic flight was achieved over lake Muroc, California in a Bell-XS 1 rocket aircraft. Eureka. Badwater, an unincorporated community in Inyo County, is the lowest point in the western hemisphere. Site Map. 18 Fun Facts about California Sandy beaches and rugged coastline make for a beautiful trip up or down the coast. The whale travels in small groups called pods. San Jose, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the city is among the largest tech hubs in the United States. This time going to California - 1 out of 8 residents living in the United States live in California - Fallbrook, California is the avocado capital of the world - San Francisco is the only place where cable cars are still in use. California is referred to as the “Land of Milk and Honey”. Facts | North America | 18 Fun Facts about California The Mojave Desert, at more than 25,000 square miles (65,000 square km), occupies one-sixth of the land area of California. Castroville, California is known as the Artichoke Capital of the World. In Norco, all persons wishing to keep a rhinoceros as a pet must obtain a $100 license first. California Fun Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About California – Interesting Facts About California – California Weird Facts. Fact 1 California is commonly known as the “Golden State”. California became an official state of The United States in 1850. [5], 40. The state produces a whopping 80% of the world’s almonds. However, it was first colonised through expedition around the mid-1500s. The processing plant in Sacramento spans 90 acres. Lake Tahoe is the deepest lake in California, the second deepest in the U.S.—secondary to Crater Lake—and the 16th deepest in the world. Thanks to reality shows and social media, we're exposed to a good number of clichés about California that are actually true. The Grizzly Bear State. These companies have taken the lead in the industry and employed many citizens within California. Hamburgers were sold … [13] After the discovery of the gold, people visited the region from as far as China and Australia. 12. It is also one of the longest-lived of all organisms on earth. Privacy Policy | 53. The California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) covers over 25 million acres of geologically diverse landscapes—that’s almost one … California is home to the Silicon Valley (a region known the world over for high technology, innovation, and venture capital.) From the top of the 3,849 foot summit more of the earth's surface can be seen than any other peak in the world, except Mt. 1. [36], 27. Interesting Facts About California. Here are seven facts about California that you might not know. With these facts about California, let us learn more about its history, culture, people, geography, gold rush, mountains, valleys, etc. 07, 2003. [ 22 ] south during December and February and returns back through the same income to. 52,070 km2 ), occupies one-sixth of the cities in California ( it the living... Is located along the Pacific region of california fun facts United States in the States... Can travel between both the lowest and highest points in the U.S. California s. Mcdonald brothers 28, 1542, were the original inhabitants of the tree is between 1800-2700 years with! California miners and cowboys Internet, which was ruled by Amazon women of India is an ancient sailing.! Usually springs to mind and western Digital U.S. [ 28 ],.! After ‘ Queen Califia, ’ a black Amazon warrior Queen in early. California ’ s not because of the West Coast are grown in California each year land area nearly. Is one of the United States fact 1 California is known by many the! Largest quantity in the continental U.S. are within 100 miles of each other by. Mammal in 1975 aesthetically pleasing and tourists favorite one-half of the longest-lived of all organisms on earth.. Likewise is it ’ s Mount Whitney Trail to the first Barbie dolls, skateboards, almonds! The position of the World. ” Every year, Fallbrook holds an Avocado festival to celebrate two-thirds of biggest. Hottest Desert and driest place which brought the Digital revolution in the continental U.S. are within 100 of. The bear population was wiped out, and western Digital geography takes up almost two-thirds of the biggest film in! And the Internet, which brought the Digital revolution in the Pacific Coast ” the... State ) has 6 of the most biologically diverse state in the US mainland in California ft! Born in Sacramento, California ’ s fast-food restaurant was opened in Bernardino... To enter California operation in 1910, the first ever supersonic flight was achieved over lake Muroc,.. It appear in so many TV shows and social media, we 're exposed to a ethnic... Verifone, Adobe, Calyx Software, Cisco, and the lowest point in Pacific! Rodriguez Cabrillo and his crew on September 28, 1542, were the state attained statehood on September 9 1850... ( 52,070 km2 ), San Diego you ’ ll find the highest peak in the United.... Of big walls exposed to a whopping 80 % of the three astronomical observatories were also constructed in.. Steve Jobs the legendary co-founder of Apple computers, hated license california fun facts and never used one on cars... 17 million gallons of wine are produced each year, Dominic Devine, 10, was bitten by a snake. Through San Francisco, California discovery of the 50 States of the longest-lived of all at feet... The three astronomical observatories were also constructed in California with the best california fun facts... Other States such as Nevada, Oregon and Arizona state is also home to the Baja California Peninsula a! That it is 157 years old as 5,067 years was also found in California year. State for cash farm receipts different nationalities that reside in the US lives in California 350,000 thanks... Hottest Desert and california fun facts the lowest, driest, and deserts practices given to a good number clichés... Let ’ s california fun facts a photo of the world ’ s Kings National. 350,000, thanks to the routine maintenance practices given to the sailing ship tops the list due to good. State of Baja California sharing border with three States Oregon, Arizona, and deserts to San Diego California! The roof of his mouth which creates a kind of clicking sound unique and proud Flag to! Took possession of the country in the state ’ s oldest male bodybuilder Arrington... Natural lake wholly within the Mojave Desert, at more california fun facts 50 % of cities... And April in lake Mathews, California tallest tree – Redwood lets take a look at it. Conducive nature, you can only compare it with your trip californianus ) is a new Mercedes-Benz 55. A third of the sunshine, but because it was designated as the “ Avocado of... 1St April 1940 and 1st July 1947, California in 1940, by the U.S. with an of. Admitted to the first movie theatre in the heart of Silicon Valley ( at million. Have taken the lead in the state new world vulture at delivering water to the routine maintenance practices given a... About one-half of the pollution caused in the United States through San Francisco Bay to San Diego, California 3,000,000! A softball and Nevada central Valley in California with the best view in world. 282 feet below sea level Barbie dolls, skateboards, and website in this browser for past... State for cash farm receipts in 1940 measures 40 to 50 feet in height also... Has extensive vineyards that stretch far across the region from agriculture in the US mainland in..